A Pen has so many inflections and a Voice but one.
– Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson's pen certainly had many inflections on the page, and a live voice, although less vast, can help us hear some of that richness. A voice can untangle a moment of syntax that might look impenetrable. It can breathe into a line dense with dashes, or clarify a patch of dialogue.

This webpage offers audio recordings of the twenty-five poems that I Told My Soul to Sing explores in detail. You’ll find each poem’s first line, as well as the title of the book’s section in which it appears. Click on the arrows to listen.

CONVERSION: I shall keep singing!
SCRIPTURE: I held a Jewel in my fingers –
DOUBT: Though the great Waters sleep
BELIEF: He showed me Hights I never saw –
PROOF: That I did always love
PRAYER: Prayer is the little implement
INTERCESSION: I found the words to every thought
JESUS: Jesus! thy Crucifix
GOD: The Infinite a sudden Guest
INCARNATION: Perhaps you think Me stooping
LEARNING TO DIE: Let down the Bars, Oh Death –
MORTALITY: That Such have died enable Us
CRUCIFIXION: One Crucifixion is recorded – only –
EASTER: Dust is the only secret –
LIFE: Best Things dwell out of Sight
AFTERLIFE: Behind me – dips Eternity –
RESURRECTION: Obtaining but his own extent
SILENCE: Speech is one symptom of affection
IMMORTALITY: I live with Him – I see His face –
ECSTACY: Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy
PORTRAIT: The Bobolink is gone –
GRASPED BY GOD: I heard, as if I had no Ear
REVELATION: Through the Dark Sod – as Education –
BEAUTY: The Bird her punctual music brings